My husband is a pacer. Normally he paces only when he is talking, either on the phone or when he is talking things out. This all changed when he acquired his newest tech toy – the FitBit. He is now a man on a mission – a 10,000-step mission.

Normally he is not particularly health conscious. If he ate a healthy meal it was because I cooked it and if he engaged in exercise it was because I forced him. But he turned 35 in December and this seems to have brought about a shift, which started with the purchase of this FitBit.

In all of the years I have known him he has never even worn a watch – so this thick black band looks awkward and out of place. I really thought I would get used to it eventually, but 2 months in and I now loathe it. I dislike it not just because of the way it looks but also because of the changes it has brought about. As I write this I feel completely hypocritical. I have been attempting to get the man to take care of himself for nearly 20 years. Maybe I resent the FitBit because it was able to prompt him to take action in a way I never could.

I watch him walk across the floor, footsteps thumping, heavy breathing. Stupid FitBit. Cannot wait for the thing to beep and alert him he has reached that 10,000 step goal.sol