Running late seems to always be a state of being for me. When we finally arrived at the birthday dinner I thought my blood pressure might return to normal. Well, I wrong.   As we walked through the door we were instantly greeted by screams and hugs and glasses of water. Yes, glasses of water. It seems someone had the brilliant idea of placing water and glasses in the waiting area. This is truly brilliant, that is unless you are the parent of a four year old and the aunt of another who is extremely eager to serve and refill for everyone in the family.

As I stood and watched their tiny, cherubic hands grasp the small glasses with such care, moving from person to person I was filled with a the unique motherly emotional blend of anxiety, irritation, pure love, and awe. It seems that is how I feel on a daily basis – more times than I care to admit – as she learns to master these adult tasks she is so eager to take on – and I learn to let her.